Unreal PSX (cancelled) Pterodactyl Software Ltd 2000

Unreal PSX was a cancelled port of Epic MegaGames' Unreal for the PlayStation console, featuring an entirely new single player campaign. The PlayStation Unreal port was a sequel to the events from Unreal and Return to Na Pali, developed by Pterodactyl Software Ltd in 1998-2000. Cancelled by the will of Infogrames, the game was almost completely forgotten. However, in 2009, an Unreal community member Leo(T.C.K.) has made numerous attempts to acquire the content that was already made and finally, in early 2010, his actions gave fruit. Five of the mappers have sent all game resources they still had to Leo and a remake is slowly in the works. The resources that have been salvaged, include: special PSX low resolution textures, some of which are unique, high resolution texture samples, several of the game's unique scripts by Nick Pelling and 'BAN' (including a weapon known as the Implant Gun, able to possess some of the enemies), and most importantly: almost complete set of maps, containing over 30 levels split into smaller segments due to PSX hardware limits. The mappers that worked on the PlayStation Unreal port are as follows: Eric C. Reuter (original Unreal mapper whose work was cut and lost), John W. "Dr. Sleep" Anderson (original Unreal mapper whose work was cut and lost), Nathan "natestah" Silvers, Ilya "Elya IceKing" Isaykin (co-creator of the Unreal Tournament Russian Bonus Pack), James "eVOLVE" Hamer-Morton (later worked on numerous Unreal Tournament single player mods, a very respected mapper), Matthew Kagle, Jakub Kisiel ('Bleach', not to be confused with an employee of People Can Fly, the creators of Painkiller), Jeff Rubin, Terry Greer and Jason Watkins. The maps are on various stages of completion, several are unfinished in a major way, some only need to be debugged to work flawlessly. Still, the beta is mostly playable and very enjoyable. This beta contains most of the cancelled Playstation version of Unreal's mappage and was first available as a mod that required Unreal's music, sounds and textures (as well as mapfiles: Unreal.unr and Entry.unr) to run. In order to run the maps, they are to be opened from the console. If one wished to run this on newer versions of Unreal than 220, for example, 224, 225, 226 or 227, one had to use the *.u files from the Resources/System224+ dir and disregard the System subdir totally. A standalone version was released in 2011. It still requires the levels to be loaded from the console, or commandline initially to get things going. The formula is open mapname?difficulty=# or via commandline: Unreal.exe mapname.unr?difficulty=# where numbers from 0 to 3 reflect difficulties Easy to Unreal. The player plays the part of an agent by the name of Jack Odey, sent with his partner Fay Crowlex to the planet Na Pali. Their mission is to apprehend all escaped prisoners from the Vortex Rikers vessel and retrieve three sentient AI programs. Upon arrival to the Vortex Rikers, the two agents are ambushed and Fay dies. Jack is told to proceed with the mission and, after a duel, merges with the last surviving AI, Iris. Now, they have to leave the dreaded planet.
Unreal Mod Last Version (thanks to Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) *requires Unreal to play / Older version (thanks to Meddle) 206MB
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Standalone Unreal Playstation Beta & mirror (thanks to Delacroix & Scaryfun) 317MB
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