Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future Of Combat / Chrome Gold Edition Techland / DreamCatcher 2005

This improved gold edition of the Polish developer's Techland game Chrome is being released under the name Advanced Battlegrounds in North America as presumably the original did not sell well there so doesn't have a good enough name recognition factor. This edition offers all kinds of goodies besides eight additional single and Multiplayer maps. There is an official Soundtrack CD, a Chrome mouse pad as well as the revised mission and map editor including new, extensive guidance in the video format. Many challenges await in the new Multiplayer challenges (for up to 32 players), even if the required solo missions are played to the end and there is improved AI in the computer opponents. There are also new vehicles.
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Full Demo Addon ~19MB (upped by Scaryfun) *requires Chrome rip
2CD ISO Demo ~1.43GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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