Lock On: Flaming Cliffs Eagle Dynamics 2005

Flaming Cliffs is an expansion to the game Lock On: Modern Air Combat. It was developed independently by the Eagle Dynamics after the original publisher Ubisoft decided to no longer fund the project. Therefore this add-on was called "unofficial", even though it was sold both as a download and in retail, and it was later included in the Lock On Gold compilation. The game is a highly realistic combat flight simulator and includes all features of the original Lock On: Modern Air Combat. It adds the Su-25T as a player-flyable aircraft and introduces training missions with voice-over instruction. The three new campaigns are the most important addition. The player can take part in a conflict between Russia and the NATO Georgia alliance as a Russian Su-25T pilot in twenty missions. After Russia had to hand back several bases to NATO in Abkhazia, Georgia took control of the region with a bloody operation, adding the troubled regions of Ingooshetia, Ossetia and Karachai-Circassian to the unending war in Chechnya. This leads to a large military confrontation with the NATO that secretly defies its neutral position by providing terrorists with arms and funding to push back Russia. The other campaigns have the player fly in a Su-27 (26 missions) and a MiG-29 (28 missions).
Included in: Lock On Gold SFClone 2CD ISO 1.46GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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