Alien Shooter: Fight For Life Sigma Team / Reflexive 2004

2026 AD. One year passed since aliens invaded planet Earth. These monsters have captured large districts of the Earth surface, and now all the humanity arises against them. Among secret government research projects there's a virus which can help people survive and avoid total annihilation. You must get into the secret research-and-development center and save the virus. Yes, save the virus, because it's in danger now... In this addon, you will find 5 new absorbing missions. There's a vivid prehistory as well as even larger crowds of monsters to wipe out before you reach the goal. You must save the virus created specially to eliminate the aliens and save humanity from total annihilation.
Included in: Alien Shooter & Expansions (GoG Version) ISO Demo 92MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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included in Invasion Earth: Collector's Edition ISO 74MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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