Mosquito Squadron / Mosquito Combat: Wings Over Europe Just Flight 2002

The ultimate in high-performance action! Mosquito Squadron includes a highly detailed, visually accurate Mosquito FB. Mk VI, complete with custom instrument panels, gauges, flight model and sounds. You'll also find authentic scenery of RAF Methwold and the village of Methwold itself. Flying the Mosquito in Flight Simulator is an incredible experience and an ex-RAF crew member who took a spin in the FS2002 cockpit described it as "...amazing. It made me feel twenty again!" The real Mosquito excelled in combat and the one in Mosquito Squadron is no exception. CFS2 pilots will find 21 historically accurate missions, including train busting, low-level attacks and even the famous Operation JERICHO, where Mosquitoes attacked Amiens prison to free allied prisoners. It can used with Flight Simulator 2000/2002 and Combat Flight Simulator 2.
Download: None currently available

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