Spitfire Just Flight 2005

The most famous and charismatic fighter aircraft of all time takes command of the simulated skies in a definitive Spitfire expansion - Spitfire contains 39 aircraft that span 14 different marks of Supermarine’s legendary fighter. All models are FS2004/2002-compatible; five variants run with CFS3 and two with CFS2. Each variant has been thoroughly researched for authenticity and accuracy. Subtle differences between the various marks are modelled, including four separate styles of throttle quadrant, landing gear controls and other equipment. No two models are the same – just like the real aircraft! This Spitfire package includes flight models, liveries, 2D cockpits, virtual cockpits, panels, sounds and instruments that are all reproduced to a phenomenal level of accuracy and authenticity. A bonus inclusion is period scenery of RAF Duxford.
Download: None currently available
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