Galactic Command: Echo Squad 3000AD, Inc. 2007

Galactic Command: Echo Squad is a realism focused spaceship simulation game in the vein of Battlecruiser 3000AD. The player takes control of a spaceship in 16 different missions. This is done from the cockpit. The player can opt to do everything alone, from maneuvering to combat, but controls are complex enough that it is near impossible. Mostly all actions can be set to be handled by the automatic pilot. The player can also issue orders to the squad mates. The story takes place during a war between the Gammulans and an alliance known as the Galactic Command. The Gammulans have invaded the sol system. But now Galactic Command strikes back with a newly devised powerful spacecraft. The player gets to flight this new craft. In 2008, a Second Edition was released with support for widescreen resolutions, and a new GUI with fully functional 3D cockpits.

See also: Special Edition

Second Edition Level Demo 334MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)

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