X-Tension EGOSOFT GmbH / THQ Inc. 2000

X-Tension is an expansion pack to X: Beyond the Frontier. The Earth pilot Kyle Brennan has vanquished the evil Xenon, and now finds himself stranded in space, light years from home. His "X-perimental" ship is reverse-engineered, and, with some credits in hand, he has nothing else to do but to kill some time. Unlike X: Beyond the Frontier, there is no main plot in the game. The gameplay is open-ended; the player is free to choose to be a trader or a bounty hunter, and undertake any missions and quests in any order. The expansion pack contains several new features. The player's craft is pre-equipped with weapons and a time-accelerator. The player can leave the ship and space walk in a space suit, purchase new ships from shipyards, and capture enemy ships that can be navigated later. The interface adds an automatic navigation system that includes a map of the galaxy. When certain conditions are met, the player is also able to monitor the economy, traffic, and prices in the X-Universe. The new interface also allows the player to control factories and ship tasks remotely.
Full Demo 180MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Level Demo 13MB (uploaded by File Planet)
X: Beyond The Frontier V1.96 ISO & X-Tension V2.1a ISO Demos & extras 623MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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