Browning African Safari: Trail to the Big 5 / Browning African Safari Deluxe Oquirrh Productions LC / ValuSoft, Inc. 2000

This is an expansion to the original game and both are include in the deluxe version. Try to survive the African bush once more as you gather trophy animals for Mr. Snidley's museum. He's reorganized the museum to fit the new trophies. Now it's up to you, the brave hunter to provide him with even more magnificent trophies from the wilds of Africa. Get ready to revisit and explore the mystery of the dark continent. There's seven new locations to hunt on your safari. Expand your world with seven all-new hunting locations shot in 360 degree Hunter Surround Vision. Combined with the previous locations of the original Browning African Safari, you'll have 14 beautiful hunting locations to choose from. Mr. Snidley is depending on you to bring back ore animals for his museum. If you're brave enough and have what it takes, you'll be able to bag the big 5... the dangerous lion, the sleek leopard, the magnificent rhino, the powerful cape buffalo and elephant! You'll also see new animals such as sable, warthog, kudu, nyala, hippo, leopard, and the grand elephant. Combined with the previous seven animals, you'll be hunting 14 different species of animals in the dangerous African bush.
included in African Safari Deluxe: Trail to the Big 5 (2000) ISO Demo 190MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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