Atlantis The Lost Empire: Trial By Fire Zombie Studios / Disney Interactive 2001

Just what you've all been waiting for - a Disney first-person shooter. Heheh. As you would expect, there is no serious violence in this. When enemies are shot they just disappear in a warp effect. It's based on the box-office animated sci-fi film. There are two main "campaigns". Search For The Journal, which events surrounded the expedition to Iceland in order to find the journal and places the player as one of Rourke's mercenaries and must fight their way through various obstacles and enemies, which are called "The Keepers". The player remains in constant radio contact throughout the game, along with the voices of most of the actors in the movie. The "reward" for finding the Journal is a trailer of the movie, also, the player can pilot the Whitmore Wing, as seen in the movie, the aircraft Rourke's mercenaries would use in their attempts to fight off Milo's attack. The second "campaign" is Trial By Fire and takes place during the events of the movie as the player takes on the role of Milo Thatch. The game follows the movie very closely, and the player goes from finding Atlantis to defending it. It also had a multiplayer component, which featured modes like deathmatch, CTF, and air battles. It uses the LithTech engine but still manages to look dull in its uninspired levels. The 22 levels are also very easy and fast in completion. The plot is also confusing and makes leaps in logic that you would only know if you were familiar with the film. Not recommended, even for kids.
Atlantis The Lost Empire: Search For The Journal was released in 12,000,000 copies for free giveaway. The game is also the demo to the game Disneys' Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Trial by Fire, containing the first third of that game. It was available as a promotional pack-in with various products including Kellogg's cereals, Walgreen's photos, and The Emporer's New Groove DVD's.
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Full Demo ~104MB Intro ~31MB Cutscenes ~34MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 414MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Search For The Journal ISO Demo ~450MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Disneyn Atlantis: Kadonnut kaupunki - Tulikoe - Finnish AlcoholClone ISO Demo 456MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Atlantis En Försvunnen Värld: Eldprovet - Swedish ISO Demo 487MB (uploaded by Legends World)
Search for the Journal - Swedish ISO Demo 432MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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