Retrovirus Cadenza Interactive 2013

This is a Descent-inspired six-axis shooter, with levels designed to force players to think off the ground and out of the box. Its pacing is similar to classic shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament, and agile movement is at the core of the experience. Retrovirus also features a unique arsenal of weapons that do more than just dish out damage. By scanning residual weapon effects in the world, you can create gravity wells, knock enemies around or trigger charged blasts on groups of enemies. It has 5 to 6 hour single player / co-op campaign, and a world designed around the unique features of six degrees of freedom movement. Weapons are designed to give players both damage and control of space. Decision-based AI for unscripted level encounters DOTA-style FPS MOBA multiplayer. It has Classic Domination / Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch multiplayer modes.
Full Demo 947MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Review by wkduffy

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