Bacteria FIN Arts / Net-Games / Blackstar 2001

"Innerspace"? Does the idea of (rather than travelling around the vast expanses of space) travelling around the vast inner-workings of a human body intrigue you? Well, the folks at FINarts seem to think so, hence the release of their latest action game, Bacteria.
The story of Bacteria is similar to the aforementioned movie in many ways. You've been hired by AMRTECH to pilot a miniaturized craft inside Dr. Michail Rasarow, a brilliant and important scientist who is dying of an unknown and apparently incurable disease. Your mission, as in many games or movies of this type, is the only hope the good doctor has of survival. Thus, your journey through the human body begins. Bacteria has a multitude of game play, including a fifty-mission campaign through the Doctor, and an arcade mode.
Updated Level Demo ~52MB (@ FilePlanet) 90-minute Trial Demo ~77MB ( @
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ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 168MB

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