Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition Digital Extremes London, Epic Games, Inc. / Atari, Inc. 2004

The Editor's Choice Edition is in honor of the numerous rave reviews UT2K4 received from professional gaming publications (many of which are quoted on the packaging). This release is a two DVD version (disc one: game materials, disc two: videos and tutorials on mod-making which originally shipped in the UT2004 Special Edition). The "new" content consists of the current patch (v3323) and the first free bonus pack (six new characters, three new vehicles, and four new onslaught maps). To save you some downloading, Epic has also tucked in 11 of the best mods from the Make Something Unreal contest, including winners like Red Orchestra, Alien Swarm, and AirBuccaneers. The Bonus Pack was released for free download also and included in the Mega Pack.
Editor's Choice Edition - GOG Digital ISO Demo 2.43GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Free Bonus Pack 84MB (uploaded by ModDB)
EU DVD ISO Demo 5.56GB (uploaded by reynolds)

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