Beach Head 2002 Digital Fusion / WizardWorks 2001

Beach Head 2002, is a 360 degree turret shooter in a photorealistic 3D environment, once again puts players in the position of a lone soldier, now charged with defending a vital inland command post against an imminent airborne assault. With the beach invasion repulsed, players are sent to the rear for some well-deserved R&R. The enemy, however, has other plans. Mightily annoyed at having their invasion scuttled, they are determined to launch an all-out airborne assault in the rear. The rear echelon reward turns into a nightmare as the enemy begins an all-out assault on with wave after wave of paratroopers, infantry, tanks, armored cars, helicopters and gunships converging onto the battlefield. Adding to the madness is the re-introduction of the player's former drill sergeant, who's exclusive assignment is to 'inspire' and 'motivate' players once again. The game has unlimited levels with increasing difficulty.
3-Level Demo ~29MB ( @ JeuxVideo)
Full Demo ~21MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo 47MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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