Replics 1-3 [G] Motelsoft 2000

Replics is a mix of FPS and adventure game, set in a hypothetical post-apocalyptic future (year 2057). Mankind have in the meantime had World War 3 behind itself. Life is no longer like it once was. The largest part of the planet is contaminated and uninhabitable. The survivors together have rooted themselves in the still habitable cities. Their existence is determined by XEN, an organization, which took over ruling after the war. You slip into the role of Selma Lombard, who lives in Ocean City, and you begin play in her dwelling. Replics 2: Forget The Moon You are on a moon base, to which you were brought on March 16th 2067 as prisoner No. 02264 on instruction of Morg, the ruler of Cenobita. Make your way over after escaping prison to confront Morg himself. Fly on a shuttle to Lar II. Here you must cross among other things the Hypofarm, the Moon club and the library of the Cenobiten and many other adventures exist. On the way after Cenobita, you will inevitably make an excursion to Rakos from there. Replics 3: Behind The Light Everything began with a suit-case. Everyone that opened it died, because its contents are absolutely deadly for all organisms. Innumerable replicants failed so far in the attempt to bring the suit-case into your possession. For this reason now you are activated, you are MORG'S last hope. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it sounds, because some adversaries want to defeat your plan. They murdered Zora the owner of the orbital glider fleet and directed suspicion on you. Try to arrive at an orbital glider with the spaceship, which circles in the orbit around the earth. Break into the spaceship up to the command deck and fly yourself to your destination. Which role do WILD CATS and TRIOP play in this story? Find out! Because you are SELMA LOMBARD, a replicant, who is up to to each task. Originally commercial, like other games of this company, today we get the full versions from the site of its creators.
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German Free Games 1-3 152MB/308MB/302MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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