Homeplanet: Playing With Fire [Ru] Revolt Games / Russobit-M 2004

The basic version of Hompelanet contained only single-player mode. This add-on allows for multiplayer battles with live opponents. It also adds a new campaign and modernization of the single player mode. It picks up 18 months later after the finale of the original game and continues the story of the exiled Clan Troiden. The player pilots various spaceships, performing tasks required by mission objectives. It is also possible to command a squad of allied wingmen otherwise managed by the game's AI. Multiplayer option (up to 16 players at a time) was divided into two categories, significantly different from each other. Cooperative lets you navigate with friends through the new campaign who can provide assistance in the struggle against hostile forces. Deathmatch mode, however, is as the name suggests, the fight between the players, which emerge the best of the best. As an additional incentive, the authors have prepared a special system of statistics for each player on-line, which can be viewed. The program has also included a mission editor that allows you to modify current missions and to facilitate the creation of new ones. Added are also new spacecraft, never-before-seen locations, and a new clan to meet.
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included in Homeplanet Gold (2005) - Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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