Triumph Of Fire (Triumf Ognja) [Ru] Bilby Art Studio, Game Factory Interactive / Russobit Publishing 2003

The player assumes the role of an anti-terrorist unit member. The wave of terrorism around the world is growing. Millions of people are powerless to resist it. But it is you who has a special mission: to destroy the evil at its very lair. To engage in a bloody battle with the most unexpected opponent: well-trained and programmed to die martyrs, cynical Arab sheik thugs, heavily armed terrorists. Making his way through 24 levels of tests, step-by-step you comprehend the triumph of justice over deadly enemies in the dark damp basements and secret passages of a mysterious old castle, among the dark, where inhabitants have deserted the streets of the abandoned the city.
Russian Full Demo 105MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo 109MB (uploaded by

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