Pied Piper / Krysolov [Ru] Bilby Game Studio / Media Service 2000 2004

At the headquarters of the World Anti-Terrorist Centre a secret message is received. Near the city of S is found the lair of terrorists who are conducting laboratory experiments on transgenic modification of humans and animals. In the city are now found creepy monsters. A group of special forces rush off on a mission to destroy the lab, but the plane comes under fire by terrorists and crashes. You are the special forces cool protagonist named Pied Piper who must destroy the evil. Areas include abandoned subway station trains and there's teleports which you can go through, and immediately find yourself at the next level. Free updates and additional maps are available on the developers website. There's 7 weapons such as standard knives, chainsaws, and other pistols. It's nice that the most powerful weapon in the game is the native AK-47. There's a rocket that kills enemies efficiently and charging portable saws which are in fact grenades.
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Russian Full Demo 143MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo 169MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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