Last Days, The: Decisive Battles Over Europe X1 Software / Matrix Games/Slitherine 2004

The Twilight Struggle... Europe, Spring 1945: The last days of World War II claim countless victims on all sides. Victory for the Allies seems a foregone conclusion, but Germany fights on. The Last Days is an unofficial expansion for IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles and the Ace Expansion Pack that adds incredible depth, originality and playability! Witness in more than thirty dynamic campaigns the events of these final battles in the airspace over Europe. See what could have happened if the German counter-offensive during the winter had been successful. Every mission counts, the stakes are high and the situation is desperate. Fly in one of four theaters: Lvov, Berlin, Hungary (summer and winter) and the Ardennes. The Last Days includes more than 1,600 Solo, Dogfight and Cooperative missions as well as over 450 new historical aircraft skins. It's compatible with Pacific Fighters (IL-2 Forgotten Battles required). There's more than 1,600 Solo, Dogfight and Cooperative Missions, and 33 new and detailed campaigns covering five warring nations. It has 4 theaters: Lvov, Berlin, Hungary (summer and winter), Ardennes. There's more than 450 brand new historical aircraft skins.
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