Ostfront: Decisive Battles in the East X1 Software / GMX Media 2005

This is an unofficial IL-2 Sturmovik: The Forgotten Battles expansion pack. Fly on the Eastern Front for the Red Airforce, Luftwaffe, Royal Air Force and the French Regiment Normandie-Niemen in 24 campaigns. MURMANSK - The northern Russian port of Murmansk is the only ice-free port available for the vital Lend-Lease convoy route. The Germans are pressing closer and the Red Airforce fights tooth and nail to stop the bombers, aided by the RAF’s 151 Wing. Slowly the tables are turned and the Russians start to advance on the German bases in Finland and Norway. KURLAND - The Germans are retreating across Poland and the Baltic States when a bold Russian thrust cuts off the German Army Group North from the rest of the Wehrmacht, trapping hundreds of thousands of men. The Germans re-establish a land corridor and continue their retreat but the Russians, aided by a French fighter regiment, reach the Baltic once again and this time there is no escape. The Kurland pocket fights bitterly to the end of the war, isolated but impregnable. SCHLACHTFLIEGER - Bonus campaign - fly the Hs-123 biplane (uses Cr-42) in low-level strafing and bombing missions. The aircraft is well-suited to the Blitzkrieg of 1941 but how will it fare in 1944?
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