Rebirth Of Honor Asylum-Games / Tri Synergy, Inc. 2004

This third-party expansion pack for Maddox Games' acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles returns virtual pilots to the skies above World War II, but with a twist. The game is set in a historically accurate 1941 that leads into an alternate-history 1942, as it lets players influence the end of the war by completing a series of missions in the skies above Europe. Rebirth of Honor offers a campaign of 333 missions, set in 14 zones of operation on the Eastern Front. Pilots will fly missions of reconnaissance, escort, offense, and defense. The game's premise is based on the success of a secret mission called Operation Foxely, in which Hitler is fatally poisoned in 1942 while on a train ride out of Salzburg. Free from the insidious leadership of the man now widely regarded as the most evil human being of the 20th century, the remaining powers of 1942 Germany must fight for the Fatherland of their highest ideals, and re-channel the destructive efforts put forth under the F├╝hrer's reign to build a better nation, on higher moral ground.
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Level Demo 18MB (uploaded by CNET

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