Ultimate Duck Hunting: Hunting & Retrieving Ducks Mid Carolina Media 2006

The goal of the game is to shoot ducks and then collect them with hunting dogs, a concept similar to that of the classic NES game, Duck Hunt. This is the ultimate 3D waterfowl hunting simulation. Unlike other hunting games, here you'll have to play close attention to any hunter's best tool in the bush: His dog. Experience training your own retriever and hunting ducks in cyberspace -- the challenge of the game isn't just to shoot the ducks, but to guide your retriever to those birds. Travel to six real waterfowl preserves in North America. Choose from a wide range of shotguns, decoys, camo and dogs. Train your hunting dog to retrieve shot birds - even the ones you can't see. Watch your dog and take care of it - he may disobey commands, and he will get fatigued. Multiplayer competition through the Internet.
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Level Demo 89MB (uploaded by File Planet)
Full Demo 176MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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