Arvoch Alliance StarWraith 3D Games LLC. 2011

In this definitive first person 3D space combat simulation, you play as a flight commander in the Alliance Navy. You will take on the challenge of leading a team of pilots through a series of missions spanning the vast region of space known as the Evochron quadrant. As the story unfolds, you will take part in the events that eventually lead to the end of the Federation/Alliance war and the liberation of Evochron. In the midst of an ongoing war, the sudden return of the Vonari signals a dramatic change in the course of human history as forces unite in an epic battle for survival. With single player and multiplayer gameplay modes, varied objectives, diverse control options, Newtonian style physics, realistic avionics, versatile combat systems, and tactical focused gameplay, it provides a feature-packed and immersive space combat experience. And with its design and story elements, it presents a unique vision of the future where mankind has colonized space and encountered both awe-inspiring wonders and immense dangers. Get started by completing the interactive training, then launch into the 30-mission single player campaign. Design your own missions with the stand-alone editor or for quick battles, select the Instant Action mode. For added challenge, join with other players in multiplayer for Coop, PvP, and Team-vs-Teams battles. Choose from over 30 different weapons and equipment items to outfit your ship for the current mission objective. Select the ships for your wingmen in each squadron to configure your flight group for the strategy you want to use. Lead the ships under your command and issue orders as battle conditions change. Encounter a variety of environments including sensor and weapon restricting nebula clouds, gas giant atmospheres with powerful winds, asteroid fields, and the expanse of open space. Utilize the Newtonian style physics to perform a variety of combat maneuvers to achieve the optimal attack position or evasion route to escape from hostile fire. Pilot your ship with full freedom of movement control (roll, pitch, yaw, X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis) offering a wide array of tactics. Battle massive capital ships armed with flak cannons, beam weapons, missiles, and particle guns. Be victorious and watch them blow apart in pieces. Learn the advanced avionics and weapon systems to aid in navigation and combat. Track enemy ships movements and plan your strategies as conditions change. Monitor the status of the ships in your flight group as well as hostile ships with the Tactical Console and give appropriate orders for attack, defend, join formation, and repair/reload. In July/2020, Arvoch Alliance SE was released as free v2.0 update that adds many new features and options: New control system supporting multiple button input binding, custom HAT/POV input mapping, more axis channels, more buttons (up to 40 per device), and improved support for some devices on Windows 10; Updated graphics engine utilizing Vulkan to enhance graphics, detail, add shadows, and improve performance; Universe scaling increased by 10X for larger battle areas and more dramatic sense of scale/size for planets, nebula, and stars; Updated multiplayer system for improved performance, much faster movement/rotation updates, enhanced text chat options, and joint formation jump drive support; Revised multiplayer modes and parameters for better initial entity placement, varied respawn points, host controls, and battle spacing; Capital ships and small spacecraft from Evochron Legacy added for better alignment and consistency between the two games; Revised HUD, cockpit, consoles, menus, and other visuals to better align with Evochron Legacy and to update the game's look and feel; Updated physics system and increases in velocity (IDS 9X), radar range (IFF and tracking up to 25K), and jump drive speed (78K) to accommodate increased universe scaling; Updated weapon systems, sounds, and visual effects. Increased cannon ranges by 200%, added missile armor, and improved MDTS; Audio system updated to OGG and uncompressed formatting to remove ADPCM depedency and improve quality; Various missions updated to improve timing, spacing, and functionality; Revised/improved shield and explosion effects.
SE Level Demo 430MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo v1.128 & keygen 248MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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