Sky Force Infinite Dreams Inc. 2007

This is an ultimate classic arcade shooter ported from 2004 mobile version, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects and soundtrack. Sky Force is 100% of pure gameplay with 8 amazingly pixeled environments, tons of enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save. It features: addictive gameplay based on proven classic "shoot'em up" idea, 8 large levels, 4 big bosses, plenty of enemies, interactive environment elements, upgradable unique weapons, dynamic weather (rain, clouds, wind), and a ranking system. It uses a high quality hybrid 2D/3D graphics engine with amazing graphics and visual effects including: textured 3d elements, plenty of blended sprites, destructable 3d objects, huge transparent explosions, shadows, advanced particle system (fire, water, smoke, sparks), and multichannel audio system.
Portable Full Demo (provided by Supernova & upped by Scaryfun) 2MB

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