Beasts of Prey Octagon Interactive 2014

Early Access Release In this MMOFPS Sandbox Game, you start your journey in a single-server gameworld together with everyone else on a procedual generated map that increases based on the population of the game. You are starting out without anything but your combat knife and you'll have to regain access to modern technologies through gathering resources, crafting items, building structures like Houses, defenses, factories and by conquering and defending resource hotspots. You can build outposts & cities, conquer them - or destroy them. Whatever is on your agenda how you want to play in the sandbox. But remember, it's a single sandbox, all your actions have a meaning and you have to face the consequences of what you are doing. The game focuses on player-interaction wherever possible. Hunt, gather, fight, craft, build, destroy, conquer, explore together with your friends. Create an empire, forge alliances, defend or conquer valueable resource spots. All your actions have an impact in this dynamic growing game-world, your actions matter - you can help a fellow player who is attacked by dinosaurs, or use him for targeting practise, steal his belongings. This beautiful & rich world has an extensive gathering and crafting system. You build the world! From axes to rifles, from houses to industrials structures like Oilrigs. Massive Dinosaurs will hunt the weak! Be on your guard! It is built with Unity engine and has native Oculus Rift Support. On Feb 29/2016, development was stopped and the game was shut down.
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Full Demo - Build13 568MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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