Ultimate Knight Windom XP: PowerUp Kit [J] CuriousFactory, LLC. / Project Windom 2009

This expansion only released in Japanese includes 6 new mechas you can pilot, 3 new maps, and 3 new soundtracks. The original game engine was modified to include more scripting commands and in-game features, and added compatibility with the newer operation systems. It received four patches up to ver.2.004. They planned to release an another retail expansion, but they decided to release as a free patch, numbered as ver.2.005. This patch was the first which resolved the PowerUp Kit's delay in handling functions, made the online mode more welcoming by resolving the slow network latency problem that was present in older versions, and resolved the issue of random slowdown for singleplayer game-modes. Additional patches was released later on, leaving the game's final version at ver.2.008.
Japanese Patch v2.008 15MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Ultimate Knight Windom XP - Full Demo + Power Up Kit + Patches 134+39+65MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Ultimate Knight Windom XP + 2.008 patch + Power Up Kit (English) all-in-one installer 158MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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