Axyos / RIP Axyos Games 2014

Early Access Release "RIP" is an experimental project including 3 different genres: FPS, MOBA and WARGAME. It becomes rather common to reach victory in most FPS due to your power level or depending on how cool your gun is, while the very skill to play is of a minor matter. The target of the game is one where all the gamers are equals and the result of each fight depends on good team-work and your skills only. There will be no boring upgrading – each fight starts anew, and every single time you experiment and work out your own manner of battle. What you need is just to choose your favorite character and go fighting to support your team. Every single character will be unique. You will recognize each character by gait and warfighting. They are planning to have MoCap motion technology in animation. Unique appearance will be reached due to high-class 3D-modelling. For portraits creation 3D-scanning is planned so to make really charismatic characters. Every single character will be speech synchronized by a separate person. Some characters are supposed to have their own unique interface. First-person view will really plunge you into your character and will be particularly effective and impressive with Oculus Rift technology support. As in МОBA, characters have unique capacities. Every single character will have one passive and active skill plus one ultra-skill. All the characters will be created based on various criteria, such as body-build,equipage (light, normal, heavy), the role in the game (protection, support, attack) and specifications (sniper, gunman, minesweeper etc.) Game maps include Siberia, Bolivia or NY for example, while routes will remain the same. In the scope of the map you choose there will be a lot of bonuses for your team leadership. For example, flash drives with top-secret information to bring profit to your team, the quantity of game currency will depend on how far is your flash drive from your base, some flash drives will open access to rare and special weapons or outfit in field exchange unit. There will be an opportunity to exchange currency among players to support the main character (who makes vital decisions) or to help your team players for example. Besides there will be a raid-boss who can be defeated by whole team work, and additional bonuses will be taken. There will be special items for support characters, and robots will be among these items. They will be mainly serve exploration functions (stationary and dynamic robots), spy quadrocopters and exploring crawler-type spy robots consequently, or a role of WARDS (special equipment for opening and observing the actions in certain places on mini-map). You log into the game, assemble your team and play matches just like in another MOBA-game. But in clan mode all the aspects will be involved. Firstly, you enter a big 2D globe map with its own relief, countries, borders, capitals (the map has been slightly adapted). On the map some symbols are seen - these are the bases of clans. On double-clicking, the area of the base is zoomed so that you can see all the buildings around the clan centre. All these buildings your clan will manage to build using game currency and your score. Exploring the map you can start battle with any of the tribes, regain buildings or even send the enemy out of the map. All the buildings (regained too) bring profit, which should be controlled and withdrawn daily.
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