Black Squad (Viper Circle) NS Studio / Neowiz Games 2014

Black Squad features diverse PvP game modes, a large-scale-PvP mode, a skill system and Unreal Engine 3-enhanced graphics and effects. The military shooter promises to deliver fast-paced, realistic gameplay. In addition to all common f2p FPS features, it lets players experience extra skills in combat by using powerful Exo Suites or by setting up portable automated weapons. It will pit two teams against each other in various game modes and related maps that can host for 5-vs-5, 8-vs-8, 10-vs-10 and "large scale" 16-vs-16 matches. The 16-vs-16 mode is called "Battle Mode" and allows players to call for airstrike and artillery support, based on a special combat skill system. In Battle Squad players can choose from many modern realistic firearms and improve their FPS skills in over 20 maps. It has class-based characters and up-to-date authentic weapons. Special combat skill system: Airstrike, artillery support and more, Skill Point System.
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