G.B.R.: The Fast Response Group / Special Commando Unit Openoko Entertainement (At War) / Akella 2008

By the reason of widening the world threat of terrorism and extremism, as well as increasing the number of terrorist acts in the different parts of the planet, the authorities of Russian Federation and most influential world powers have made a decision to create a secret organization. As its goal the complete liquidation of all terror manifestations and involved in it and other unlawful activities persons was set. The organization should have no limits in means.
The anti-terrorist group was formed of the best representatives of internal affairs, military experts and agents of the special services of the highest level. Because of immediate reaction, unlimited scope of actions and wide latitude the group was called the code name G.B.R. (Gruppa Bystrogo Reagirovanija), i.e. Group of the Quick Response.
German DVD ISO Demo 1.24GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English DVD ISO Demo 1.27GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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