Intensity XS: ReCharge Midnight Synergy 2001

The Mon Saanti Empire is broken and the galaxy is at peace. But a new threat looms. The Mon Saar, factions of the Mon Saanti Empire, are building a base on the remote world of Vanguard and they have a powerful ally. Once more, you will command the IXS Fighter Craft to rid the galaxy of this threat. This is the sequel to Intensity XS. Once again, you control your ship with the mouse, holding down the left button for continuous fire. Pressing the right button fires a volley of proton torpedoes. You must fight wave after wave of enemy craft. Dispersed among them are bonus/upgrade satellites. These can get you part of the word BONUS or upgrade your weapon. As long as you have had upgrades, if you get hit, you just lower by one level. If you have no upgrades left and get hit, you die and game over. After so many waves, you warp to the next level and continue on. This time, it takes even more waves before you warp and the enemies are tougher.
Full Demo 8MB (uploaded by roioros)
included in Midnight Synergy Games Collection (2006) - ISO Demo 262MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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