Narco Police Iron Byte / Dinamic Software 1989

Release Date: 1989 In the 21st century, the world is virtually ruled by the drug barons. Your mission is to equip and position three squads of elite cops on the perimeter, and guide them through the enemy's network of tunnels. Once through you must level the factory with explosives. The loadout and starting positions are predefined, but you can change the loadout, choosing from two types of ammo, three types of rockets, explosives, first aid kits, transporters, and armor. The game plays like a strategic third person shooter. The feeling of movement in a corridor gave you a feeling of 3D before actual 3D third-person shooters came about. You control the commander of the current squad, and can switch between the three. Also, there are computer terminals scattered around that can turn off some of the automated defenses and cameras. Initially a floppy booter version, in 1990 a full color CGA version for DOS was released. In 2012, a fan remake was made for modern systems.
DOS Full Demo 300kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
2012 Free Fan Remake 39MB (uploaded by Computer Emuzone)
Booter Floppy Image ISO Demo 430kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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