Mecha Squad Naphelia Games 2014

In this arena shooter, you are a Mecha pilot sent on the planet Shay with two of yours companions, to protect human colonies against many creatures until army forces arrival. The game is divided into two phases, phases of intense action when the player must repulse waves of creatures and phases of management when he will use credits obtained during the first phase to improve weapons and equipment of his Mecha and those of his teammates. It includes: 8 missions of non-stop action; 8 monsters to fight; 3 mechas to drive and buy, light, medium and heavy; 12 various weapons, from the gatling-gun to the flame-thrower; 6 equipments to incrase your mecha power and those of yours partners; 3 types of difficulty; procedural enemies generation, for infinite replay-value.
Level Demo 65MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo v1.0F 50MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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