Nandeyanen!? - The 1st Sutra Tchagata Games 2015

Welcome to this special brand of Super Long Nose Shooting Game made by a Swiss developer that was first on XBLive in 2014. Master complex game mechanics in this first chapter of a supernatural adventure. Counter bullets and blast shields to find your foxy lady. It's an horizontal 2D shoot'em up in which the player takes the role of Tenguman, a Japanese long-nosed goblin who wakes up after a thousand year sleep to see the world overrun by an army of mythical pranksters. With visuals and a storyline thought as homages to the 1991 Nec Pc-Engine game "Hanatakadaka!?" ("Super Long-Nose Goblin"), the gameplay introduces challenging mechanics such as bullet counter and blast pods. The 1st SÅ«tra contains the three first stages (Mountain, Forest, Temple) of Nandeyanen!? in three languages (english, japanese, french).
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Full Demo 158MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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