Hexmaker For Hexen II Virtus Corporation / Macmillan Digital Publishing / Ubisoft 1997

Hexmaker is a level editor designed specifically for Raven Software's Hexen II. The product pre-dates its Quake II cousin (Deathmatch Maker 2), but still offers an array of powerful editing tools and a library full of pre-made objects to use in your Hexen II maps. The interface and basic functionality is the same as in Deathmatch Maker 2, with drag-and-click editing and two design windows that provide 2-D wireframe and 3-D rendered views of your map. The textures and the artwork in Hexen II are more elaborate than those in Quake II, which makes it even more fun to create new levels using Raven's excellent art. Another benefit of Hexmaker is that the package includes 10 complete new Hexen II levels. Hexmaker runs on Windows 95 and requires a registered copy of Hexen II.
ISO Demo 44MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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