Xenocide Confused Genius / Spawn Point 2015

This is a top-down, arcade shooter in an arena-like setting. Your objective is to survive as long as possible against hordes of enemies. Along with your trusty firearms, there’s a vast amount of power-ups to aid you in this endeavour. Before each match, you can choose the power-ups which have a chance to drop during the fight, to fit your play style. Of course blasting baddies might be more fun with a friend, so there is also a possibility for local co-op. Key features: Five intense arenas with different environments, mechanics and enemy selection; Customize your loadout with a selection of weapons and grenades to fit your play style; Choose your favorites from a selection of eighteen power-ups; Climb the the leaderboards to become the ultimate Xenocidal maniac; Wreak havoc upon your enemies with a friend in local co-op.
Full Demo 216MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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