Networm Cuddly Zombies Games 2015

This is an 80's sci-fi inspired action game in which the player takes on a number of large corporations as an anonymous hacker, selling or leaking stolen data files, syphoning credits from secret accounts and earning credibility amongst their peers. They get to see the consequences of their actions as the news media reacts to the data they leak, then use their ill-gotten gains to purchase upgrades to their hardware, and install new ICE-breakers and tools to enable runs on bigger and more lucrative servers in the future. The game is inspired, in part, by the hacking sequences from 80's sci-fi films and TV shows. In various films, hacking into a computer was represented in a very videogame-like way, navigating along a series of wireframe environments, dodging enemies and barriers as they attempted to break into the heart of the system. The player has to dodge or destroy ICE barriers and outrun the server trace, reaching the root of the server port before their connection is shut down. Along the way there are a variety of useful programs and tools they can purchase to assist them. However, they also have to be careful to leave enough empty memory on their rig to store any juicy files they find at the end if they want to maximise their returns on each run. Naturally they can use the money they earn from each run to purchase new upgrades, allowing them to attempt runs on more challenging servers in the future.
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Full Demo 64MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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