Zangeki Warp Astro Port \ Nyu Media 2015

Set in 2054 a mad scientist called Dr. Benomiya has engineered space monsters to destroy all galactic civilation. To prevent the universe from destruction, a group of scientists from Ultra Electrical Institute infiltrate to Dr. Benomiya's last fortress. They modify one remaining ship known as Zan Fighter with a super weapon "slashing warp" devices. As one of the strongest fighter, Zan Fighter becomes the last hope of all beings in the universe. It's a horizontal shooter from the developer who previously has released Satazius, Wolflame and Steel Strider. Teleport is the most innovation comes in. The ship is able to teleport forwards, backwards, left and right through any obstacles without taking any damage, but moreover, it destroys any enemies in its path. There's also a shockwave weapon that sends out a ring of fire, a decoy weapon to distract enemies, electromagnetic shield and powerful bombs.
Trial Demo 34.4MB (uploaded by Vector)
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Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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