Alpages: The Five Books Bernard Nicolas / GenomGames 2015

This a freaky survival horror game packed with terrifying scares and drop-dead gorgeous visuals. During the Spanish Inquisition, a witch was tortured & burned alive with her five books of black magic. She promised to return & bring with her the worst demons of hell. In Mexico, 1955.Terrifying, demonic events are beginning to take place, there have been several sightings of The Witch & her five books. The Father Francisco vowed to put an end to these horrible things, creating "The Order of The Five Books" to monitor for new appearances of The Witch. Francisco was driven mad & hanged himself. You are the Father Luc, the last guardian of the Order & The Witch has returned to you small, French alpine village. You alone, must find the five books, defeat the terrifying demons & only then, should you survive; will you be able to defeat The Witch. Each time you collect a book you unleash another freaky supernatural being into the game. These beings all have different abilities and characteristics, but they do all have one thing in common – they want you dead. The Witch is the first of the demon books. She recovered sould suffering in the face of injustice. The psycho clown was sold as an object when he was child. He was forced to make others laugh while his life was only suffering and slavery. The teddy bear - a little girl who had her mouth sewn shut & was buried alive, asked The Witch to do the talking she couldn't & put her hatred in her Teddy Bear. The florist wanted to save the trees and plants but traffickers and poachers have assassinated her and cut her body into pieces that they have sown to the four corners of the forest. The last book makes The Witch vulnerable, you can kill her & stop these horrors.
Pre Beta v0.1.1 Level Demo 866MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
ISO Demo 862MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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