HotLead Thrill Pill Games 2015

This immerses players in a dynamic environment, promising an authentic game experience. The aim of the developer was to achieve an arcade third-person shooter set in industrial surroundings, which challenges players to use all their functions and skills, in order to complete the game's mission. The game tells the story of a very dark time, when mankind created droid bases on different planets, to protect them against a war with alien races. But the war never came, and the droids were left abandoned. Humans realized that a battle could happen by chance at any time, and aimed to prevent this by creating an enhanced species that would decommission these settlements and the remaining droids. While the central mission requires players to disable an enemy base, the game leads them through a series of smaller, independent tasks that help achieve their goal. Each new task is more challenging than the previous one, and comes with its own enemies that will need to be neutralized. The players grow and gain new skills as they come one step closer to completing the game.
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ISO Demo 438MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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