Iron Assault Graffiti / Virgin Interactive 1995

In Iron Assault, all qualities of man and machine are forged into one. In the cockpit of your 50-foot tall fighting titan, intelligence systems feed the information needed to plot your battle plan. The External Camera supplies a view of the enemy from any allied robot. The Communication link keeps you in constant contact with your rebel squadron and base. The Compass and Way Point Coordinates keep you from getting lost in the variable terrain. And when your instincts tell you that danger is near, the robot comes through with his Radar and Movement Scanner to confirm your suspicions. The presentation of the game is the cockpit of the robot. It's a bit like the driving panel of an armored tank. You've got a major screen displaying what's going on in front of you and a minor screen on which you can display a rear view, the radar view, damage report, position of the locked target and so on. You have to complete the mission proposed to you and if completed, gains you promotions. There's a Sim' Room to practice the manipulation of the 'bot on numerous targets. You get to choose between two types of robots, and a number of different missiles (and you can discover some new ones during the missions). Driving a mega'bot is kind of slow (don't expect to avoid a coming missile at the last second). There are only four different set terrain types: Mountain, desert, arctic and city, and they are always the same wherever you go. Firing on the buildings in the city can damage them. The Italian developer then went on to make the Screamer racing game series.
Full Demo 39MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo ~61MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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