Gun Wings Mercury Stone, Angels Blue Digital Entertainment, DEZ Studio 2014

Near the end of 2117, just before a meteorite is due to hit the Earth, three of the girls who had their bodies modified as weapons are sent, along with all the hopes of humanity, to destroy the meteorite and save mankind. It's a Chinese vertical scrolling shooter which later had an English release in 2015. The game is notable for using Sengeki Stryker and Giga Wing's visual as well as gameplay mechanics. It takes place hundred years after doomsday in the 22nd century. As one of cybernetically enhanced girls, the player must save humanity from the invasion of alien race. As far as vertical scrolling shooters go, it's very standard. There are three different characters in the game; Ukuisu, Hakuchou and Kou, and they must destroy enemy air ships through six stages. Each level ends with a boss fight and each game begins with three lives. The player's firepower consists of a main shot, secondary shot and a limited supply of bombs. There are two types of main shot; a forward-firing machine gun and a spread-firing vulcan. The main shot can be strengthened and multiplied by upgrades that come in the shape of blue gems taken from destroyed enemies. The secondary weapon is a charge shot and can be used when the power meter has reached maximum strength. A unique feature to secondary shot is whenever used it will increase score multiplier. Power meter will automatically be filled slowly, but it can be accelerated by destroying the enemies. The bombs can deploy near-instantly, negate most enemy fire, and do moderate damage in a large radius around the player's character.
Full Demo 166MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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