X Rebirth: Home of Light Egosoft 2016

This is the second expansion for X Rebirth, with new regions to explore and challenges to overcome. Along with the 4.0 update, the experience reaches a whole new level where the opportunities to TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, and THINK have never been bigger. A Larger Universe: Set a course through the Jump Gates to three whole new systems. Home of Light: The fabled system, complete with a massive economy to profit from. Toride: The universe has never been as hostile, nor had so much to explore, as in the Toride system. Be aware and be warned. Cold Star: A source of resources in massive quantities, combined with dangerous regions and other secrets. Construct specialised warehouse stations to stock up on large amounts of any wares. Set it up as your own trading station or use it as a storage depot. Take control of the market. New game starts: Jump straight into trading with two capable freighters in the middle of the rich Home of Light system or take on the role of Verge Explorer, with a well-equipped ship and a versatile crew. Experience new missions to be found in the new systems, putting you right in the thick of the action and taking advantage of the new X Rebirth 4.0 Bulletin Board System. More Challenging Enemies: The ever-threatening Xenon are even stronger than before, and you may also encounter an old and forgotten enemy. Take on the X Universe with new weapons and missiles, and hunt around for new hidden treasures in X Rebirth's biggest expansion yet.
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included in X Rebirth 4.0 - Multi5 Repack Full Demo 10.72GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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