K-zar-X Luis de la Cruz / Amaka Soft, DreamSoft Games 2003

Year 2035 E.C. You are Mike Miller, General of the First Squadron of the Earth’s Confederation. When you cross the planetary system of Grymer’s Galaxy you’ve crashed your ship on the asteroid’s ring of K-zar-X planet. You land in the planet, an unknown hostile planet. There are differents technology levels in his population. The indigenous life is none to friendly. Your only option is find a ship to get away of K-zar-X. Good luck, General Miller. Features: Big levels to explore, shoot and take items to powerup weapons. Combine FPS, with Spacial Combat and 2 survival levels. 5 differents weapons and grenades. 14 enemies differents. Explosions and particle effects. Climatics effects (fog, rain, snow). Original music. 3 difficult levels. Customize options.
Trial Version ~28MB ( @ topshareware)
Full Demo (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 37MB

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