Land Of The Dead: Loot & Shoot Jetset Studios 2005

In this free promotional game for the movie George Romero's Land of the Dead, the zombies have taken over, turning mundane tasks like a trip to the grocery store into a life-and-death battle with the undead. Welcome to Hell! The world as you know it is gone. The Dead walk the Earth, and the Living hide in the shadows. To survive, YOU must venture into the Land of the Dead to grab the things you need to stay alive. Things like food, medicine, and batteries. The rules are simple: get in, get the goods on your shopping list, and get the hell out. There's just one problem... the zombies are in there and they'll devour your face unless you drop them and keep looting. It will take several shots to kill one or one accurate shot in the head. Get ready, Hell is about to commence.
Free Game - Downloadable Version (made & upped by oldgamer) 6.3MB
Free Game (original dcr Adobe Director file) 8.7MB (uploaded by Luisgunner)

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