Last Rites Ocean 1997

Last Rites takes as its plot the basic zombies-taking-over-the-world scenario. Except that the apocalyptic event takes place in the future, thereby ensuring a supply of hi-tech weaponry with which to clobber the walking dead. Because that's exactly what you'll be doing. You play one of the survivors of the zombie plague, commander of a Special Forces unit given the task of ensuring humanity's survival. Helpfully, this task has been divided up into about thirteen missions, with different goals to be accomplished. Succeed, and humanity may yet survive. Fail, and you'll end up as a la carte zombie food. The sprites are all poorly animated and blocky, and the background graphics are poor. Let's take a couple of examples the city is made up of hundreds of repeated (and identical) building fronts, complete with windows and doors. Can you enter a single one of them? Nope. And at one point you enter a shopping centre ('mall' to Americans), a la Dawn of the Dead. Except it looks nothing like a shopping centre.. there are grey walls all around, no shopping related items or decorations to speak of.. it looks more like a car park.

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Full Demo ~26MB ( @ Fajnegry)
Full Demo (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 173MB (upped by Egon68)

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