Nemesis Komodoware Entertainment 1995

It's the year 2654 and there's a war in space. Your eternal enemy: Nemesis, a fearsome cyborg who wants the destruction of all mankind.You have to roll up your sleeves to go destroy the scoundrel. With your awesome weapons and your legendary agility, challenge the spatial traps and robots! Perhaps you will come to victory ... and re-establish the long-awaited peace for all. You are part of the elite Delta Squad. Protect the Gamma sector, infiltrate the cyber defense of Nemesis. It's a simple vertical shooter but action packed. At the controls of your over-equipped ship, leave the heart of the asteroid belt, and challenge the traps you will find: natural and cybernetic. Gather full bonuses to upgrade your shooting, restore your shield, etc. As levels progress, you will encounter more and more danger .. . a progressive difficulty is therefore proposed to the player, the rate becomes fast enough frenzied, so you will not miss action despite some repetitiveness.
Full Demo 9MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 4.7MB

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