Big Buck Hunter Arcade GameMill Entertainment 2016

This brings the arcade experience to your living room with this fast paced, addictive arcade shooter based on the 2000 arcade game. The all new control and aim mechanics will make this a must pick up and play arcade shooter experience. Travel around the globe and take down wild game in Whitetail and Moose adventures or try your aiming and speed skills in epic bonus challenges. Play alone or with a friend to compete for the highest score, or try to beat the numerous bonus challenges. The perfect game for the Big Buck hunter fan, with easy to pick up controls that still pack a challenge for experienced players. Features: 30 total hunting levels; Dangerous animal encounters; 6 total bonus games; Over 20 critters from Squirrels to Bats; 2 player local multiplayer; Big Buck Tour guide girls; Over 25 badges to collect; Leaderboards to show the current high score per hunting site and overall Trek.

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Download: None currently available

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