Neuro Revolt Games / 3Map Games / Russobit-M / Deep Silver 2006

In yet another Russian developed game with a futuristic setting, humankind invents a totally new way of traveling in space. That is why people already inhabit the nearest star systems. Time passes by and these colonies grow into the biggest industrial and scientific centers. Obvious enough, they want to get independent and quit the Earth Confederation. The game starts on the surface of one of the colonies - a planet named Sorgo. Craig Richards is the main game character, who finds himself in the epicenter of the conflict between special services of the Earth and a military clan Troiden. But he, himself is a psionic soldier serving the Earth Confederation. The gameplay of Neuro is built on player's special ability to take any living being under psi-control. Thus, the player stands a chance to fulfill the level objectives in a rather untraditional way. There's 7 different locations, which include Megalopolis, Scientific labs, Space station, Jungle and Military base. More than 20 different enemies, with mercenaries, drug dealers, and soldiers of the clan are among them and there's 15 kinds of weapons to use. It was only released in Russia. In 2008, a Hong Kong release was in English.
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English Translation Patch 5MB (made by wkduffy & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Review by wkduffy
Russian 3CD ISO Demo with English Translation (made by wkduffy & uploaded by Scaryfun) 1.64GB
English-language Taiwanese ISO Demo + Scans 617MB (uploaded by fokkertism)

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