Sibal Monkey Adventure 2 / Sibal Wonsung-iui Moheom 2 Arix Team 1996

This is the second in a series of shoot'em-ups starring a monkey. It's difficult to predict the movement and speed of enemies with different attack patterns. This time you can upgrade weapons. Time in the right corner of the screen is the retention time of the weapon upgrades. You can receive a bonus life, depending on the score obtained. Items featured: Apple - It has the usual power and a wide range of attacks. Step 3 can be upgraded; Banana - The power is weak, but there is a wide range of attack, can attack all upgrades 360 degrees; Night - power is only as strong narrow range attacks. Step 3 is also possible upgrades; Mini-City - a secondary role and will increase up to four missiles; Shields - surrounds with circular shield that prevents five attacks; Food - increase gives one the energy points of the City.
Full Demo 173kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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