Flying Baron 1916 magnussoft 2016

Endowment and courage - those are the most important attributes you should develop during "The flying baron". Show your skills at sensational air battles in flying double- and triple deckers. Get a lock on your targets and ground them before they will do the same to you. Perform stunning flight maneuvers to shake the allies from your tail and show them how advanced the technique of WW 1 planes and weapons are in the hands of a flying ace. Use your most ventured maneuvers to reach out from enemy squadrons. And then, hunt them without mercy. Head to head fight your enemies in awesome 3D air-battles, experience the highly detailed surroundings of the battlegrounds, complete dicey missions and dig into the action of WW 1 air fights. Various planes are waiting for you to Iift oft to many different battlegrounds. Take a challenge only true men can complete: Travel back in time to fight without electronic cockpits and without computer aided support. Features: 17 challenging campaign levels; Free play mode on 5 different maps with 3 missions each; Detailed airplane models - Fokker Dr. 1, SPAD XIII, Sopwith Camel F1, Airco DH5; Intelligent AI opponents; Difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, very hard; Awards / medals for every level and difficulty; Elaborate 3D graphic - High resolution ground texturing, Breathtaking particle effects, Accurate models of buildings and many more (3D vegetation, post effests, realistic water); Detailed instructions on usage of the game and the controls.
Download: None currently available

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